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  • Advantages of the Flood Control Barrier


    Highly effective and dependable – 2000 meters of barriers were deployed at 8 locations.Fast and easy to deploy – It took one day for all flood control barriers to be deployed.Easy to remove – It took one day for all the flood control barriers to be removed by a winch.It’s economical – Less than 0.5 Read More
  • The Introduction of Inflatable Landing Airbags


    What is landing airbags?A soft cushioned surface that can reduce the risk of injury during high-impact activities like tumbling and flipping.As the name is projecting the definition – landing airbags are an inflated bag that is designed to cover the entire landing area, to provide protection against Read More
  • Why We Need an Inflatable Snow Globe for Christmas?


    Giant Inflatable Snow Globe, the perfect addition to any winter-themed event or party! Standing tall and impressive, this photo booth offers a unique and mesmerizing experience for guests of all ages. Step inside this enchanting globe and be transported into a winter wonderland. The Giant Inflatable Read More
  • Why Should I Get An Air Track?


    What is an air track, and how does it differ from a traditional tumbling mat?An air track is a type of tumbling mat that is inflated with air using an electric or manual pump. lt's made from durable material such as PVC and drop stitch fabric, which allows it to retain its shape and provide a consis Read More
  • How To Maintain The SUP Board


    Whether you’ve spent a few hundred, or a few thousand dollars on a stand up paddle board, it’s important that you take proper care of your board and all your additional SUP gear. The harsh outdoor elements can cause major problems for SUPs, so if you’ve just bought a new paddle board, or you need a Read More
  • Applications of the Water-Filled Flood Control Barriers


    Flood protection of housesFlood protection of companiesCritical infrastructureWater companiesUtility companiesEnvironment companiesConstruction work in wetlandsRiver diversionCulvertingCable and Pipeline worksLand reclamationTransportation of waterTransportation of liquidsTemporary storage of liquid Read More
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