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Colorful Inflatable Air Track FloorTumbling Mat for Gym Airtrack

Shop our exclusive range of colorful inflatable gymnastics mats! Our inflatable gymnastics mats are made of high quality materials for excellent comfort and support and are perfect for a variety of fitness activities such as gymnastics, yoga, pilates and more. They feature an inflatable design that is easy to inflate and deflate, making them portable for on-the-go workouts. Let's take an in-depth look at why our colorful inflatable gymnastics mats are a must-have for fitness enthusiasts.

1. High quality material:

Our colorful inflatable gymnastics mats are made of high quality 1.2mm DWF material for durability. This ensures a sturdy and reliable surface for your workout, allowing you to focus on your workout without worry.

DWF material

2.Inflatable design for easy setup:

Easily inflate and deflate the mat with the included pump, allowing you to set up your workout area in minutes. The inflatable design is also easy to store and transport, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


3. Multifunctional Fitness Companion:

Whether you practice gymnastics, yoga, Pilates or any other fitness activity, our colorful inflatable gymnastics mat is the perfect companion. Its versatile design accommodates a variety of workout routines, providing you with the support and comfort you need to achieve your fitness goals.

air track floor

4. Comfort and support:

The colorful inflatable gymnastics mat allows you to experience superior comfort and support during your workout. Its cushioned surface helps to reduce pressure on your joints, minimizing the risk of injury and ensuring a comfortable workout experience.

5.Safety First:

The colorful inflatable gymnastics mat has a non-slip bottom to ensure stability and prevent accidents during intense exercise. You can focus on practicing with peace of mind knowing that you have a safe and secure floor under your feet.

6. Size and Color Options:

Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to suit your preferences and workout environment. Whether you prefer a compact mat for individual use or a larger mat for group workouts, we have the perfect size for you. Colorful options add a splash of vibrancy to your workout space, motivating you to stay active and energized.

inflatable airtrack


Cleaning and maintaining our colorful inflatable gymnastics mats is a breeze. The waterproof material is easy to wipe down and clean, ensuring a sanitary surface for your workout. Spend more time exercising and less time worrying about maintenance.

8. Accessories included:

For your added convenience, we offer the necessary accessories for the Colorful Inflatable Gymnastics Mat. Includes an air pump for quick inflation and a carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. Start your workout journey hassle-free with our comprehensive kit.

air pump

9.Positive customer feedback:

Don't just take our word for it! Our satisfied customers share their positive experiences with their colorful inflatable gymnastics mats. They appreciate the durability, comfort and versatility of the product, making it an integral part of their fitness routine.

10. Exceptional Customer Support:

We value your satisfaction and offer exceptional customer support. Our team is always ready to help you with any questions and warranty related issues. Your fitness journey is important to us and we are committed to providing you with a seamless, enjoyable experience.


Enhance your workout experience with our colorful inflatable gymnastics mat. Its superior quality and versatile design, with a focus on comfort and safety, make it a great choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Choose your preferred size and color, join our satisfied customers, and begin a fitness journey like never before. Invest in our colorful inflatable gymnastics mats for your health and fitness today!

tumbling mat

We believe the good quality products & good customers can make the business go further in the future.

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